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"Where Tieu's writing really shines is in her explorations of complicated family dynamics--particularly for the American-born children of Chinese refugee parents--and overwhelming post-college ennui. The dialogue between Jasmine and her parents is often funny and sharp, and Tieu tackles their fraught relationships with understanding and warmth. Though Jasmine is desperate to leave Sunshine Donuts, readers will no doubt feel the opposite." 

"While Jasmine and Alex's swift romance is adorable, Jasmine's post-college struggles and feelings of uncertainty carry Tieu's thoughtful debut. The Donut Trap isn't just a tale where a boy meets a girl, and they fall in love. It's a family story in which Tieu perfectly builds tension between Jasmine and her parents as she tries to find her own path." 

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"While the sweet romance between Jasmine and Alex is at the core of The Donut Trap, Jas's very real family issues give it heart. Jas's failure to meet her parents' expectations, her struggles to communicate with them, and the way it impacts not just their relationship but every aspect of her life: these are all major plot points, not just details thrown in for authenticity's sake. The Donut Trap explores these issues from a place of empathy, and it comes together to create a quick rom-com read with satisfying depth."

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“Jas is lost and working in her family's donut shop. When she accidentally follows her crush on Instagram, things start to change. An all-around good book that touches on family dynamics,  friendships, and issues faced by recent college grads. For fans of Get a Life, Chloe Brown and The Friend Zone.”

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"Talk about a sweet romance: In Tieu’s debut novel, a young woman returns home to work at her immigrant parents’ doughnut shop. As she struggles with post-college malaise — and the weight of her family’s expectations — an old crush reappears."

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