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Illustrated by Debs Lim


Published November 7, 2023 | Avon

Julie Tieu, an exciting and diverse voice in contemporary romance, returns with a romantic comedy in the vein of 27 Dresses that celebrates weddings and female friendships. 

Every single one of Elise Ngo’s close girlfriends—Rebecca, Jesse, and Beth—is getting married within the same few months, and every single one of them has asked her to be both bridesmaid and florist. Though it’s a lot for her to juggle, the work and exposure is a boon to her struggling flower shop.

The stakes are high at Rebecca’s high-profile wedding, where the guests are mostly political connections of Rebecca’s parents. Desperate for the event to go off without a hitch, Elise enlists the help of an outside caterer who turns out to be Ben Yu, Rebecca’s elusive younger brother.

Though Ben is prickly and aloof, he offers Elise much needed business designing flowers for his mom’s campaign fundraisers and Elise begins to see there’s more to Ben than his gruff and handsome exterior. But their romance takes off as the political campaign ramps up, complicating their relationship with unforeseen consequences. Now always-the-bridesmaid Elise must fight for what she wants to finally get her own happily ever after. 

Praise for Fancy Meeting You Here

'Fancy Meeting You Here might be my favorite Julie Tieu romance yet and that's saying a lot because I love Julie Tieu's books. The way Ben and Elise's relationship developed felt so natural and sweet and real, and I was very invested in both their individual futures as they pursued their creative dreams. Rounded out with a hilarious friend group and so many fun and relatable wedding experiences -- this book was a delight from start to finish!' 

— Alicia Thompson, bestselling author of Love in the Time of Serial Killers

“Tieu’s tumultuous but believable plot combines heat and heart, bolstered by a diverse cast readers will want to spend more time with. The close friendship between Elise and Rebecca is an especially nice touch. Tieu should win some new fans with this one.”

— Publishers Weekly

“Impactful writing and an endearing voice. Tieu’s (Circling Back to You) rom-com captures the most wistful and beautiful parts of weddings amid the chaos of planning and prep as it celebrates lifelong friendships and flourishing love.” — Library Journal

'Julie Tieu's writing feels as good as catching up with an old friend. Fancy Meeting You Here is a warm, delightful hug of a romcom with well-developed, relatable main characters and a host of wonderful secondary characters. Join this wedding party and enjoy the ride.'  — Jayci Lee, author of Booked On a Feeling

“Julie Tieu’s Fancy Meeting You Here is a beautiful bouquet of a book filled with hilarity, heart, relatable characters, and loads of yearning. The holding-out-hope-for-true-love Elise shines when she’s with her supportive and hilarious friend group, but especially when she allows herself to be vulnerable with her best friend’s elusive brother, Ben. This heartfelt novel celebrates friendships and taking chances on yourself, and shows how people—and love—bloom on their own time.”  — Lauren Kung Jessen, author of Lunar Love

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